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“You don’t have to solve your whole life overnight. And you don’t have to feel ashamed for being where you are. All you have to focus on is one small thing you can do today to get closer to where you want to be. Slowly and lightly, one step at a time. You can get there.” –Daniell Koepke

I joined Clarion because I wanted another way to continue writing consistently and because I liked the idea of getting to write about what I am interested in. I also decided to join Clarion because I like the idea of being able to inform people about the world they live in. Outside of school, I figure skate at Miami University. In school, I am in Theater/Thespians, advanced treble choir, and French Club. After high school, I want to study creative writing at Northwestern University. Some interesting facts about me are that I am obsessed with modern Broadway shows, I have been in choir for almost seven years, and I read a lot of YA novels. I enjoy writing because it gives me a way to use my experiences and struggles to connect with others. I love the idea of writing something that people can see themselves in that helps them in some way. That’s why I’ve always loved books. The experiences of different characters show people that they are not alone and that someone in the world understands them.

Jordan Pyle, Staff Writer

Sep 06, 2019
The Student News Site of Connersville High School