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Katie Studebaker, Staff Writer

For midterm graduates high school is coming to an end. Graduating from high school is a large step in life, many view it as the doorway to adulthood whether you go to college or straight into the workforce. When it comes to high school many students experience what is called “senioritis” during senior year. It usually involves a lack of drive to complete schoolwork and drifting attentions spans. However, if you get out of high school early, there is a good chance you will not suffer from this until college or at your work place. 

There are some pros and cons about graduating early. A pro is you can get a head start on college or work. Senior Kylie Jackson stated, “I had the opportunity given to me, so I worked hard to get my classes done. I will be doing online school through Ivy Teach.” 

Graduating early also can help you get a job and save money  for your future. “ I decided to graduate at midterm because, I wanted to make some money before I ship off for Basic Training” stated, senior Brent Jones. Jones is enlisted in the Army as a Cannon Crewmeber. 

A con about graduating early is not being able to talk or see your friends and teachers. Jackson stated, “I wont miss all the high school drama, but I will miss some of my teachers.” Some advice for the under-classmen about high school, is cherish the moments you have because they will not always be there. School is not fun but it is over before you know it, so just get it done right the first time. Try a little harder to be better. All the best.