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Kaden Steele, Assistant Editor

What the Candidates Stand For:

With another election day coming to a head, the community is split on who is the best representative for Indiana. The Republican representative is Mike Braun, who has large propositions to end the job losses from foreign countries. The Democratic representative Joe Donnelly is aiming for the minorities of Indiana, to help gain representation for them in the work place. Libertarian candidate, Lucy Brenton, is fighting for tax and job representation and security.

Many have high expectations for the Republican party in the race for senator. Early poling has shown a favoring on the Republican side, but Democrat Donnelly is still in the running. Donnelly’s plan is to appeal to the minorities of Indiana to get an edge in this predominately red state. Even though Donnelly’s ties are bound to the minorities, Braun is pushing bounds in the eyes of the working class.

As a matter of fact, President Trump has stated numerous times that Senator Donnelly is the least effective in the senate and the Braun is the obvious decision for Indiana. Braun proposed many ideals for workforce in obtaining jobs from foreign operations. His tactics were focused on solidifying his position among the common people, which is crucial for his campaign.

Trying to reclaim his spot, Donnelly’s focuses were heavily placed onto the workforce also, but his reach was more for the minorities of Indiana. Donnelly’s mission was to offer more jobs for Indiana and to end the segregation in the workforce for minorities such as: Women, African Americans, and other foreign populous.

Results of Election:

As of November 6th, Mike Braun was crowned victorious over Joe Donnelly in the race for Senator. As polling showed, Braun took 51.6% of the vote, Donnelly received 44.4% of the votes.

Within the United States, Braun marks one of three republican senators that won their election. The senate now has a majority in Republican representatives, but the Democratic party overcame the House of Representatives. Both parties now hold majority in a certain sanction of power with a corresponding percentage of fifty-one.

This begins the next term of representation for our state and country. As many changes are soon to occur, the direction of financial and career opportunities within our country are sure to develop and hopefully improve. But most importantly, representation is based on your voice, so remember to educate yourself and vote.