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Katie Studebaker , Staff Writer

On Monday October 15th, Nathan Harmon came and spoke with about drugs, bullying and his journey. This was Harmon’s second year coming back to CHS.  Harmon is the number one booked school speaker in the country. Traveling the Midwest region of the United States, speaking to thousands of students and reaching out to them. Last year he spoke to us about his journey and wearing a “mask.”

Harmon has overcome drug addiction, self-harming, suicidal thoughts, and so much more. Every person can rise above and overcome their obstacles. You may never meet another speaker who is more energetic and engaging. Harmon was not always so energetic and positive. Battling eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, divorced parents, and drug addictions, Harmon eventually turned his life around.

On July 17th, 2009, Harmon was drinking and driving when his world was turned upside down. While talking to his friend, Priscilla Owens who was in the passenger seat, Harmon was not paying attention to the road and crashed into a tree. Priscilla then lost her life the next morning. Harmon was sent to jail afterwards and was incarcerated for three years and nine months. The family of Owens forgave Harmon and now with their full support, Harmon had dedicated his life teaching adolescence that “Your Life Speaks”. Your life is important. Harmon has reached out to so many students and truly has impacted several people’s lives. CHS is blessed to experience another year of Harmon reaching out to us.