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Tori Brandt , Edior

With more than 1,100 students currently enrolled, there are bound to be conflicts amongst students. It is how the conflicts are resolved that makes the difference. There are many more productive ways to handle a bad situation without physical contact or yelling.

Realize that with every conflict, there are two sides of the story. Try to listen to their point of view and understand how the other person is feeling. This can go a long way in resolving anyissue.

Make sure to make what you are upset about clear to the other person in a calm manner. Putting how you personally feel about the situation out in the open can help to make sure that there is no confusion which may make the argument worse. Respect the other person in the situation as this is done. Name-calling is never appropriate in any situation. You can tell your side of the situation without using them.

Taking time to yourself away from the situation is always a good idea. In the wake of a heated argument, you may feel angry and say things that are not necessarily appropriate or true. Taking a few minutes to breathe and calmly gather your thoughts can help to prevent this. Sometimes, the situation cannot be solved so easily. It may call for one of the people involved to be the bigger person and walk away from the situation entirely.

If needed, it is always okay to take a problem to the guidance counselors. They are always there to help and may be able to offer ways to help resolve the issue at hand. It helps to have someone there that is neutral in the situation to help mediate. A mediator can help both sides to see what they may or may not have done wrong in the situation, or maybe help them to see that they are not seeing how the other person is feeling.

Conflict is something that is bound to happen, but negative actions can be prevented by keeping the conflict resolution strategies given.