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November 5, 2018

These people are a few of many who have gotten their stardom because of their number of viewers and subscribers on YouTube.

Annika Victoria make videos about DIY projects. YouTube has helped her be more confident, because of the amount of views she gets. She made an inspiring video about how even though she has a disability, called Takayasu’s arteritis, she can still live normally and go about her day to day life.

YouTube has also helped the K-pop boyband BTS become popular across the world. BTS music videos get millions of views. People on YouTube just cannot get enough of BTS, their style and choreography. Check out their latest album called Love Yourself: Answer.

YouTube has helped twin sisters Niki and Gabi DeMartino become famous musicians. It all started back in 2008 when they started making YouTube videos. Making YouTube videos helped them get through bullying when they were in the seventh grade. Niki and Gabi not only sing but they make videos about beauty, their personal lives, etc. Check out their latest debut called INDIVIDUAL. Niki and Gabi also have their own separate YouTube channels. Niki’s is called Niki DeMartino and Gabi’s is called Fancy Vlogs.

YouTube has become a part of all of these people’s lives. YouTube has helped some people make a career and living as being a YouTuber. YouTube is making a difference in today’s society one person at a time.

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