Homecoming Olympics

On September fifth, the annual Homecoming Olympic games took place. Every year before homecoming, students gather four girls and four guys which partnered up together to form a team. Even some of the teachers came together and formed a team to compete. The theme for homecoming Olympics was “Out of This World”. Among the many events, there was a hula hoop race, a tug of war, and barrel racing.

“My favorite event was the hula hoop race because we went in not expecting to win and we did,” said junior, Morgan Hauger. Hauger’s partner was sophomore Evan Shafer and their team name was ‘Space Out”. Hauger has been a part of the Olympic games for three years now and is planning to knock out one more year.

This year, an exchange student from Belgium, Hanne Desutter, got to experience participating in the Homecoming Olympics. Desutter partner was another exchange student Rintaro Ura, who is from Japan.  Desutter wanted to be a part of the Olympics when someone had asked her do it, and she is glad they did. Desutter said, “My favorite event was where we needed to sit on a thing with wheels and someone else had to push the one that was sitting. It was really funny.”

There will be lots of fun memories left at the games. “Our team beat every other team in tug of war and we were very pumped about it. We will not forget that,” said senior Katie Steele. Everyone is looking forward to another great Olympics next year, but for some these hoco Olympic memories are the last they will make.