Katie Studebaker , Staff Writer

The Clarion staff needs your help. Here recently, we came into possession of a 1953 Connersville High School yearbook. Kevin Hagemann reached out to us because he would love to see it in the hands of the person it belongs to. There are a few clues in the book that might help track the owner in the back of the book, someone left a quote for the owner. “To my porcelain buddy,” said Gene Sheely. Also, there are other clues that could lead us to the owner. “Best of luck to you”, Jay.

Hagemann has been looking around for whom this book might belong to. “I am a pretty good detective, I can usually find anyone or anything. Not this time. I figured you could access school records not on the WEB,” said Kevin. He went through a bunch of boxes of a deceased friend. “These boxes were in storage for years. He passed away in 2002. He was what you might call a hoarder in training. He went to auctions, would purchase boxes of stuff, then put them in the garage never to be seen again. I think that’s where the book came from,” said Hagemann.

There is a group on Facebook called “Connersville Yard sale the Good One,” the book is seen by thousands of people daily. Kevin has asked on the website, if anyone knows who these people are that have left messages in the book. He has listed the names that he could make out, that were handwritten. Kevin has had the problem of the garage contents since 2006. “Twelve years, I know a long time to clean it up, you cannot imagine the stuff in the garage. Stuff crammed full to the ceiling. The garage is located in Northern Franklin County,” said Hagemann.  We would love to see the ‘53 yearbook in the hands of the owner.