Returning FACS teacher Mrs. Smith found her way back to teaching FACS classes. Smith has been a teacher for six years now. “Before I became a teacher I worked for head start in Lafayette. I taught as a floating teacher there, and I would fill in for teachers who were absent,” Smith said.  “I am excited about being back in the classroom! I am excited to be a part of the Spartan culture again and definitely homecoming Olympics!” In order for students to be successful in my classroom they should “Listen, stay organized, and communicate,” Smith said. “To be a successful teacher I have been told to relax and learn to be flexible and think on your feet because things will not always go as planned.”

The personal goals that Smith has for this school year are “To get everything organized and get to know all of the students!”  Smith said. The college degrees that she has are “Bachelors of Liberal Arts from Purdue University! Boiler up!” Smith said.  “I enjoy teaching Fashion and Textiles and Nutrition and Wellness, because they are hands on. Plus, I love to cook and be creative!” Smith said.  When she went to college is when she found out that she wanted to become a FACS teacher. “I enjoy the concepts and skills that I get to teach. There is a wide variety of topics and it keeps things fun and exciting,” Smith said.