Tori Brandt, Editor

Anyone can be a teacher but not everyone loves what they teach. With all the new faces, it is important to get to know the teachers whos classes we might be going through this school year. Mrs. Dungan is the new Biology teacher. Dungan filled the position of Mrs. Jacobik. She shares her love of science with her students in Jackson 205.

Dungan transferred here from Lincoln High School in Cambridge City. “The CHS staff shares my educational philosophies,” Dungan said.

With eleven years of biology and eighth grade science teaching under her belt, Dungan has shown dedication to her job. Although Dungan may be a teacher now, she did not start her career as one. “I worked as a writer for a newspaper after college. I then became a watershed project coordinator. I continue to do free-lance grant writing,” Dungan stated.

Each career has a starting point, Dungan’s started at Indiana Wesleyan and Ball State University’s where she earned her Bachelor’s in Environmental Space and Master’s in Educational Administration.

With the fresh school year, each teacher has their own set of goals that they want to reach. “I hope to develop strong relationships with all my students and help them develop life skills for success in my class and in life,” Dungan said.

Biology is all about life, so Dungan shared this piece of advice for any class you go through throughout yours, “don’t miss class, pay attention, work hard, and participate.”