Tori Brandt, Editor

For many, CHS shows the promise of being able to get involved and help kids receive the education they deserve. It also provides a different educational experience for both teachers and students than other schools offer. “I liked the area and wanted to try a different school,” said the newest ICP teacher Ben Crawford. Crawford is stepping into Mrs. Hufferd’s position in Waterloo 205.

Teachers can be an inspiration to lead any person toward a certain field or career. “I had a teacher that made science a lot of fun and I wanted to do the same, “Crawford said.

He began to pursue his teaching career by getting his Bachelor’s of Science in Secondary Education from IU East. From there, he began to teach at Lincoln High in Cambridge City. “[I taught for] five years at Lincoln High School,” said Crawford.

In his free time, Crawford spends his time teaching his falcon to hunt. Falconeering is, “the sport of training and hunting with falcons or other birds of prey,” Crawford continued, “I have been a licensed falconer for three years but started with my training and studying about five years ago”.

Crawford’s interest in falconeering was sparked when he, “read about it as well as watched birds of prey while hunting/fishing and the interest just grew from there”.

Crawford works with the birds for as long as it takes them to learn. Then he sets them free. “The last bird, I had for three years. I will be trapping and training a new bird this October for the upcoming season and if she is an exceptional bird, I may help her for several years, or release her next summer, “Crawford said.

Although falconeering is looked at as just a sport, it is more than that to Crawford. “The goal is to help them through their first year of life. About 80% of hawks and falcons die in their first year of life”, Crawford states.

Crawford may have a passion for falconeering, but he also has a passion for teaching. To any students taking any of Mr. Crawford’s ICP classes, he advises to, “Just try, be honest and treat everyone with respect”.