Students remember their teachers long after they leave their classroom. They are the people who helped them to understand certain things and learn what they did not know. Teachers expand students’ knowledge and help them to grow academically. Although Mrs. Tonya Stork is new to teaching at CHS, this is not her first position in the district. For many students that attended CMS, they had Stork for seventh grade reading. Stork has also taught a Head Start class, a GED program at a prison, and English at Richmond High School. Stork teaches tenth grade English and took over the position of former teacher, Suzi Brown in Waterloo 166.

Prior to becoming a high school teacher, Stork stated, “I fell in love with early childhood teaching when I was required to observe at the early childhood center on campus.” Stork went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Education at Miami University. She also earned a Master of Arts in Teaching at Earlham College.

Working at CHS definitely has its differences when compared to working at CMS. An obvious reason for example is the age difference. “I am able to develop better relationships with high school students. I am not seen (hopefully) as the mean teacher. Classroom management is so much simpler,” Stork explained enthusiastically.

Stork also believes that the high school is slower paced than the middle school. Which is part of the reason she enjoys teaching here so much. “I am not running around like a chicken with my head cut off,” she stated.

With high hopes for the year to come, Stork gave words of encouragement about how to be successful in her class. “I like to remind them that ‘it is not about the four walls in my room.’” You will need the skills I teach to be successful in your future!” Stork explained.