After Fifty Years Led by Joe Glowacki, CHS Welcomes Successor Teacher, Sydnee Toschlog-Jobe


Alex Edwards , Staff Writer

The end of the 2017-2018 school year was a very bittersweet moment for the students and staff. While we were excited to say hello to summer once again, we dreaded saying goodbye to many staff members, including media teacher, Mr. Glowacki. His outstanding career spanned fifty years which were composed of wonderful memories and accomplishments. Perhaps his greatest accomplishment was creating the first student broadcast. However, after half of a century, the student body must look to its new leader, Sydnee Toschlog-Jobe.

Toschlog-Jobe is a graduate of Ball State University, earning the degree of bachelor of arts with minors in telecommunications and video production. Before becoming the CHS media teacher, Toschlog-Jobe was freelance for CH3, a freelance photographer for Wish-TV sports department, and most recently the Rushville Consolidated High School broadcasting teacher. She could not be more optimistic for the next chapter of her career. “My goal is to create a new culture for CHS Today. I don’t want to get rid of our history. I want to improve on it and have my students contribute to our new culture and have fun.”

Not only is Jobe familiar with the area, but she was once a part of it, calling it her home. Jobe is a graduate of CHS and perhaps this is the reason she finds it exciting to be back. “Connersville High School’s best quality is that it’s home. Being a Spartan has meant a lot to me in my life and I love my hometown. It’s good to be back. And it’s always good to be a Spartan.”