Mason Burkhart, Staff Writer

     Why do we miss beginnings? Is it the process that we love? Is it that feeling of being able to look back and reflect on everything that you did that led you to this moment? I miss beginnings because it is part of who we are. The beginning of time when earth and all of the stars were created or the beginning when we were born. In the tub playing with your toys using your mouth as a propeller underwater. We grow up needing bigger clothes because we get bigger boned. Puberty hits us hard and we begin to break out, produce more sweat and the hair underneath our arms gets thicker. We are no longer that kid in the tub, that so innocent child that only knows love. Our brains get bigger and we understand more, we see more, we try to figure out why these things happen and we go through things that mold us into the person we will become. It is the life that we all live. Don’t quit now, roll the tape, action!

     These words spill out of my brain and roll onto the paper. To the seniors who are graduating this year, and to those seniors whom I’ve been able to build a relationship with, you have taught me a lot. You have shown me that friendship is one of the most important loves a person can have, sometimes all we really need is just a friend. When they leave, they will leave behind a place they have grown to love … and maybe hate. They are leaving a place they have known most of their lives.You began to think about all of your years in school. You start to replay everything that you did not say that you should have said. You dig up these memories that were hidden underneath the carpet of your mind and start to miss it. Even before it is gone.

     When you are with your friends driving in that car with the windows down and the music up, we can hear “We can be heroes, just for one day.” You reach a hand out of the window and let the wind drag your arm back as you catch a gust of wind with your palm. You close your eyes and put the puddle of air to your face and let the air splash you. Your face is wet from the wind. You open. Everything’s new, you feel so alive in this moment, a moment that will become a memory. You feel like a newborn baby opening your eyes for the first time. You feel infinite.

     We spend our whole lives making memories, it is something that makes us human. No matter if they are good or bad, these things we remember. High school memories are some of the best memories you could have. Once that bell rings on the 25th and you look around at everyone you have grown to know and love, imagining where they might be in the next year. Even though my time is not till next year, I watch the calendar as I mark each day, counting down till when these people I have spent a year getting to know and love — leave. It is sad but things change as they will even when I die, I guess you could say that is the worst part about growing up. But the promise of meeting new people or even reconnecting will be here.