Abby Soriano, Staff Writer

The Connersville High School Academic Teams traveled to Eastern Hancock February 28, 2022. This meet consisted of sixteen different schools competing against one other. Each subject was scored individually, meaning there was no overall team score. 

The first subject that was presented was math. Ben Bishoff, 12, Carson Giesting, 10, and Alfonso de Pineda, 10, all competed in the math section. Tri High School did not compete in this portion, so there were fifteen schools in total. The competitors had a time limit to answer a math problem that was given to all the schools. If the team answered the question correctly, they were given a point. At the end of the math portion, the team had a final score of seventeen out of twenty-five. The top five teams received a ribbon, with Connersville earning fourth place.

The next subject was English. Lallah O’Brian, 10, Max Ackerman, 12, and Sam Mills, 12, competed. The team had the opportunity to sub people out halfway through the questions. Lily Burroughs went in for Ackerman. Although the team had a score of sixteen out of twenty-five, the team did not place in the top five. 

Science was next up, and Sarah Carsey, 11, Paige Pearson, 11, and Evan Osborn, 12, competed. There were no substitutions. The team ended with a score of fifteen out of twenty-five. The team did not place in the top five. 

After science, the fine arts portion arrived. Ackerman, Cadence Conrad, 10, and Adam McIntyre, 9, competed in this section. No substitutions were made and the team had a score of nine out of twenty-five. The team did not place in the top five. 

Social studies was next and Osborn, Bischoff, and Lily Burroughs, 11, competed. There was a substitution made between Lily Burroughs and Claire Burroughs, 9. The final score was fourteen out of twenty-five and the team received second place. 

Lastly, there was Interdisciplinary. Interdisciplinary is where the questions include all subjects. For example, the questions will range from math, to English, or history problems. De Pineda, Abbie Dafler, 12, Osborn, and Lily Burroughs competed. The team did not place in the top five. 

This was the first away meet in almost two years, and according to Carsey, “We do so much better when we go to a different school!”