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Allison Edwards, Staff Writer

Walmart is a multinational retail company, merchandise ranging from clothes and shoes to groceries and medication. There are “approximately 240 million customer visits each week to Walmart stores throughout the world,” in 2021 ( For the store employees, there are “2.2 million associates around the world” with “1.6 million in the U.S., ( On March 16, 2022, a Walmart Distribution Center in Plainfield, Indiana, caught fire and set the whole store ablaze causing destruction to the facility. 

Around 12 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, all “1,000 employees” were told to evacuate the Plainfield, Indiana Walmart due to a fire that had broken out ( Ilene Stevenson, a Walmart Associate who has worked for the company for close to five years, stated, “I don’t know what’s really next. I really don’t. They’re going to pay us for a minute but I want to know what’s down the road,” ( Walmart mentioned that they will place the store employees in different Walmart locations and will still pay the employees for forty hours a week plus overtime. 

After first responders went to the blazing fire, everyone was accounted for and no one was injured or killed. With everyone together, Stevenson said, “I’m grateful no one was hurt in there and they got everyone out. That’s God,” ( Police officers and other first responders claim that they do not know what started the fire, but they are close to getting the Walmart company closure. Suzanne Dabkowski is a public information officer who works for the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearm Columbus Field Division, the company that is leading the investigation. Dabkowski told WTHR news reporters who asked what started the fire, “you don’t want to rush anything, though, for fear of missing something or for fear of coming to a wrong conclusion. So you just need to take those investigative steps and follow where they go,” (Fox59).