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Claire Stinger, Editor

For three out of four of my years here at CHS, JE113 has felt like a second home to me. The Clarion, unlike any of my other classes, has felt safe, and I knew in this room I was safe to let my guard down. My advisors, Ms. Burke and Mr. Vaughn always made me crack a smile even on the worst days of high school. But letting go of the Clarion is the most difficult thing because writing, and in particular this class, is one of the last things in high school I was able to share with my sister. She graduated two years before me, and passed down the editor title to Jordan, Riley, and I, but being able to share the year with her I did, impacted me in a way that I could never have imagined.

Writing this article is like closing a huge chapter of my life, one I will remember for the rest of my life, and one that has influenced my future in such a massive way. Everything about this class, the trips we took, and my little self made family, I would not trade for the world. All three of those things brought me more joy than anything in high school. God, where do I start…let’s start with my “self made family.” 

Jordan, I can not thank you enough for giving me a shoulder to cry on, on so many occasions. Now sometimes, when you give me that shoulder to cry on, you give me the “claire…” and that look, meaning you hate my life choices. But regardless of my poor decisions,  you listen to me, and when I trip over guys, or school, or my grades, you still listen. Maybe judgmentally, but you listen. You have become one of my best friends, and I would be lost without you. I would also probably have commas in so many places they are not needed in this article alone. You keep me on my toes with all of the stories you have to tell, and I hope you can continue to bring that joy to everyone in your parth. You are going to do such great things in this life, and I can not wait to watch your life continue to bloom. Although it may only be in pictures, and things will never be able to be the same, I am grateful for a lifelong friend.

 Riley, watching you grow as a person over not only the last few years, but since middle school, has been so inspiring. You have taught me so much about knowing my worth, and shown how to be strong in times of challenge. I never know what is going to come next in your life, but despite the difficulty you have pushed through and I admire you for that.Throughout getting to know you, I have learned most importantly, it is okay to be myself, and I am so proud of you for being yourself. I can not wait to see what you do with your life in the future, and hope our paths cross again.

Sam, oh Sam, I don’t even know where to begin. You have literally made every day a joy and I am so grateful we have gotten to know each other. I will miss your cheesy puns and awful dad jokes, but most of all I will miss you. No matter what crazy thing came out of my mouth, you always had something to say that was reassuring and made me feel as if no matter what happened, I would be okay. Thank you for not only helping keep me sane, but helping my Chemistry grade not absolutely tank. Getting to be your lab partner, editor, and friend has been such a blessing. 

Max, you kill me. Now not in a literal sense, of course, although sometimes I worry you’re going to knock me out based on my poor words and choices. However, time is running out for you to do that, so I may make it out of here in one piece. I am so glad I have gotten to know you better, and watched you progress from the person you were during softball seasons at the ball field. Knowing that I always have someone to go to for solid and honest advice is comforting, and knowing that you have your head on your shoulders straight makes me excited to see your future. Hopefully we can catch up on campus sometime, and I am glad I have someone on campus to keep me sane. 

 Erica, you inspire me on another level. You are so incredibly strong and never fail to make me laugh and smile when I need to. No matter what is going on in your life you are so selfless and always care more about others than yourself. I am so glad I got to meet you, and know you for the short period of time that I did. I hope after high school this life treats you with more kindness, as you deserve. Thank you for showing me kindness on my worst of days, and even though we are not super close, you treat me as one of your own. You are definitely the mom friend, but of course in a good way, and I can not wait to see your leadership and comforting soul change everyone in your path.

Mason… you are one of the best people I have ever met. You are such an old soul, and the way that you live your life restores my faith in humanity. I am so so so glad that I have gotten to know you at school, work with you, and spend time with you outside of those things as well. I want to thank you for bringing a little bit of sunshine into every day, regardless of how sucky yours is going. When I think about the things that will be hardest to leave behind when I walk out those doors at 2:50 on May 25, your name is definitely on that list. I can’t wait to watch you as editor next year, and hopefully I can continue to be friends with you and visit you when I come home on weekends. I am glad you have come into my life and changed it for the better, and I hope you never change; always be yourself, and never lose that “golden retriever energy.” 

India, you will forever be my “little sis.” I can not express how much our time together on Spartanettes, and here in the Clarion means to me. When I found out that you were coming on to the team, the only thing everyone kept telling me was how sweet you are. You are one of the purest souls I have met. If you ever needed anything, you were always so sweet when you asked about it, and that is one thing I hope this world never takes from you, your kindness. You make every day a joy here, and I definitely never know what I am going to hear from the computer station behind me, but that’s what makes it fun. I wish I had more time to get to know you and bond with you, because two years just was not enough, so I hope we stay in touch.

Abby, it has been such a joy getting to work with you in Clarion, and on Spartanettes. You are such a hard worker and stay on top of everything you do. I have never heard you complain either. Everything you do, you do with a laugh or a smile on your face, and that makes everything about this class so much better. Next year, I am excited to see how you continue to contribute to the Clarion, and how you run the sports section like an absolute queen. My favorite memory with you has been camp. While we did not talk much, or spend a lot of time together, you inspired me so much while we were there. You challenged yourself with all the routines you did , and gave everything including practices your all. Keep giving this life your all, you’re going to go far. 

Allison, you are such a blessing. I never really got to know you, and that I wish I could go back and change. The way you are honest about your opinion and beliefs, even in a room full of people you know may not exactly share the same views, has always brought me so much joy. One thing I have noticed, in the little time we have gotten together, is your passion for God. Religion seems very important to you, and your life, and I am grateful someone like you is in my life. Christ, which is also very important to me, is the center of your life, and if you continue to live that life, you will go so far. I can’t wait to see you grow as a person and as a follower, and look forward to seeing what your future holds.

For all of you, the future’s so bright, and I cannot wait to see what you all do. You have all changed my life in so many ways, and given me the best final year of Clarion, and I will forever be grateful. One last time, Claire, signing out.


“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” – Winnie the Pooh