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Abby Soriano, Staff Writer

The Fayette County 5K (kilometers) race was held at Connersville Middle School on April 16, 2022. It cost twenty-five dollars to race, which covered the t-shirt and entry ticket. The race consisted of three different events. The 3K, 5K run, and the 5K walk. Kids in sixth grade and younger ran in the 3K race, competing individually for their school. The 3K event was led by Austin Wenta, grade 12, who “enjoyed leading it. It was a lot of fun, but the hardest struggle was probably the start where they all sprinted.” Midway through the 3K, the 5K race started; citizens running in the 5K were middle schoolers and up, consisting of adults. 

CHS student RayKya Dixon, 10, and Paige Dafler, 11, participated in running the 5K. Dixon placed first in her age division with Dafler placing second place. One student in pa​​rticular, Owen Baker, 11, earned second in his age group.  Baker ran the 5K in eighteen minutes and thirty seconds. He admitted to not wanting to “[run] the 5K, [he] ran it more to support everything that it funds and to see people that [he] did not typically see that [he misses]. I love seeing my old friends and coaches, especially running with them.”

At the end of the race, ribbons and trophies were given out based on age divisions, along with door prizes that were given out. If you participated in the race, your name was also automatically put into the raffle. 

Hopefully next year even more people participate!