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Allison Edwards, Staff Writer

One innocent mushroom hunting trip in Washington County, Indiana turned into a deadly one when a man found the body of a small child. Calling 911, the man led police to a secluded area in the woods around 7:30 P.M. on Saturday, April 16, 2022, about eighty feet from the road. Indiana State Police Sergeant Carey Huls stated, “The child was found inside a suitcase that was sealed. He did not put himself there and wind up approximately eighty feet off the road in a wooded area by himself.” The suitcase had a Las Vegas logo wrapped around it. 

 The victim was a five-year-old black male, who was slim and four feet tall. He was in good condition and well-taken care of. The victim was not malnourished and had so signs of physical abuse. The officers sent in toxicology reports, which can take up to six weeks to receive any information. Huls told reporters, “Somebody was taking care of him. He was in somebody’s custody and care for his daily needs and for support. Somebody knows something. Somebody out there knows the answer to this question.” 

Finding the boy’s identity in this homicide case is Indiana State Police’s goal. Huls stated “Our No. 1 goal at this point is to find out the identity and name of this child. That’s what he deserves,” and, “We thought this would be a local case but since nothing has happened — we haven’t had any matches, so this obviously could be a national thing.” There is a high chance that this victim could be a resident of another state because Indiana State Police Officers have looked into the missing children cases and none of the descriptions have matched him. In honor of the boy, there are two vigils planned on Sunday, one at 7 P.M. at Pekin Park and the other one at 7 p.m. at the square around the courthouse in Salem, Indiana. Hopefully, the boy is identified and the killer is found.