Abby Soriano, Staff Writer

The Connersville High School 2021-2022 Academic Teams competed in regionals on Tuesday, April 20, 2022. The competition took place in Richmond, Indiana at 5:30 P.M. Fifteen schools were present. Richmond High School, Jay County Jr. Sr. High School, Connersville High School, New Castle High School, Centerville Sr. High School, Union County High School, Winchester Community High School, Wapahani High School, Northeastern High School, Monroe Central Jr/Sr High School, Union Jr/Sr High School, Randolph southern Jr/Sr High School, Lincoln Middle/Sr High School, and Hagerstown Jr/Sr High School all competed. The students competed at a round table, meaning that every subject had three people to answer the given question as a group, with an optional substitution if needed halfway through the questions. There were 25 questions in total, and three tiebreaker questions if needed. 

Math competed first with Alfonso de Pineda, 10, Ben Bishoff, 12, and Carson Geisting, 10. Connersville answered ten of the questions correctly, putting them tied for fifth place. Next was English with Wesley Boyd, 12, Sam Mills, 12, and Lily Burroughs, 11. Connersville answered 14 of the questions correctly, putting them in tenth place. Then was Science with Evan Osborn, 12, Sara Carsey, 11, and Paige Pearson, 11. Results are unknown. Fine Arts was after with Mills, Abby Dafler, 12, and Adam McIntyre, 9. Connersville answered 13 of the questions correctly, putting them in a tie for seventh place. Next was Social Studies with Bishoff, Burroughs, and Osborn. Connersville answered ten of the questions correctly, putting them in fourth place. Lastly was Interdisciplinary, where four people could compete. Bishoff, McIntyre, Dafler, and Burroughs got 13 of the questions correct, putting them in seventh place. 

Good job, Connersville!