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Samuel Mills, Staff Writer

The Connersville High School administration was recently notified of a new opportunity for many CHS seniors. A new program, called Crossing the Finish Line, is giving some students a chance to “accelerate the completion of a high-quality credential… for free,” according to the program. A credential is a kind of qualification, such as a degree. Having a credential for free could help CHS seniors get the credential they are striving for without the cost.

According to CHS Principal Randal Judd, “140 students could take advantage of this.” Recent transcripts indicate that the CHS senior class currently has about 227 students, meaning that over half of the seniors here could take this opportunity if they wished. According to Ivy Tech and Vincennes, those eligible students will be contacted in early March.

The list of credentials offered by the Crossing the Finish Line program include “the Indiana College Core, an associate degree, or a Career and Technical Education (CTE) postsecondary credential,” said the program, which means that eligible students will have three options to choose from. This program could possibly help CHS seniors avoid the normal expense of getting a degree, so interested students are advised to check their emails these next few weeks to see if they are contacted about their eligibility. If students are intrigued by the Crossing the Finish Line program, they can learn more through the first source listed at the end of this article. They can also ask questions to Ivy Tech or Vincennes through the second or third sources