CHS Today Youtube Photo

CHS Today Youtube Photo

Sam Mills, Staff Writer

On Monday, March 14, 2022, instructor Sydnee Toschlog-Jobe as well as thirteen juniors and seniors of Connersville High School’s broadcasting classes traveled to the University of Indianapolis for the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters (IASB) conference. This conference offered learning opportunities as well as recognition for young broadcasters.

The conference began early in the morning, around 9:15 AM. After a short introduction, visitors were free to attend the available events, of which there were a variety. All of these events focused around teaching students in some specific type of broadcasting, whether it was focused on play-by-play sports broadcasting, story writing, cinematography, etc. The lectures in these events were often given by successful alumni of Indianapolis University who were experts in the given topic, such as reporter Rich Nye.

Each of these events was about an hour long, so students had time to see two of them in between the opening ceremony and lunch at 11:30. After lunch came the event many students had been anticipating: the awards ceremony. Dozens of students had submitted entries for the IASB’s competition, which included categories like “Best Original Radio Drama” and “Best Cinematography,” as well as the highly-coveted awards for “School of the Year” in radio and television. Madison Mullins, 12, represented CHS in the Television News Anchor category and became a finalist, meaning that she placed in the top six of all submissions in that category. Although CHS did not take home first place in any of the categories, the IASB conference was still a noteworthy opportunity to learn from some of the best in the broadcasting business, and next year’s competition could very well be CHS’ time to shine.