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Mason Burkhart, Staff Writer

On April 6, 2022, there was a French Honor Society induction ceremony. The induction took place in the Robert E. Wise auditorium, welcoming new students to the French Honor Society. This is an annual event, dating back to 2013 when the first French Honor Society at Connersville High School began.

The event was hosted by Max Ackerman, 12, and Abbie Dafler, 12, current members of the French Honors Society. They were responsible for giving a warm welcome to the audience and announcing the names of the eight students inducted into the French Honor Society. 

Each student called up to the table set out on the stage floor had written their names onto a paper that certified their induction. After this, they shook hands with the chemistry teacher, Mr. Dalrymple, and blew out the candles, certifying their induction into the 2022 French Honor Society. It was a special moment for each student who had earned the chance to be a part of such a special thing.

French Honor Society sponsor, Fine Arts academic team coach, and French teacher Madame Medina said, “Students must be in their fourth semester of French. They must have an average of 90% in all of their semesters of French, and an average of 80% in all their other classes not including French.” This is how a student can be inducted into the French Honors Society. During the student’s first semester of being a part of the Society, they must complete five service hours, ten hours for returning members. These services might include running a concession stand at a baseball game or helping out in the community. There are also many other ways to complete the required service hours. 

A warm welcome to the eight students inducted into the 2022 French Honors Society; Riley Bresher, Allison Edwards, Carson Geisting, Taegan Glaub, Kaylee Hauger, Maddie Hauger, Mckenna Lucas, and Megan Rowe. Congratulations!