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Max Ackerman, Staff Writer

March is the third month of the year, known for its combination of winter and spring weather. It is also known for March Madness, which is the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA’s) men’s basketball tournament. Here at Connersville High School, we have a different version of it. It is known as Manie Musicale, hosted by Madame Medina the French teacher. Manie Musicale is essentially the same thing as March Madness except, instead of basketball, it is a competition to see which French song students think is the best. The songs they listen to are made by artists of diverse genders, races, ages, and ethnic backgrounds. 

Madame Medina was inspired to start doing this competition “four years ago” when she saw that teachers “all over the country” were doing it. Carter Deboard, 11, says that one of the things he enjoys most about Manie Musicale is “being able to listen to songs from different cultures.” He claims that “it has helped [him] see how good songs can be from other cultures” and that it has also introduced him to other cultures that he has never heard of before. Medina is just happy to see her students “expanding their playlists by adding some of the songs to them.”

Abbie Dafler, 12, has participated in Manie Musicale since it first began four years ago. One of her fondest memories is when they had to “learn dances to the songs.” She claims that Manie Musicale has helped her develop a better understanding of French culture because she had to learn “about the artists and the meanings of the songs, which helps [her] understand the people of France and some of their pop culture.” One of Medina’s favorite reasons for doing Manie Musicale is the fact that her “students get to listen to songs where they [do not] necessarily understand the lyrics right away.” She wants the students to understand that people their age, from other countries, listen to music this way all the time. 

This year’s Manie Musicale is coming to an end. Gims and Black M were the final two artists on the bracket. The voting to choose a winner has already happened and now the French students have to wait anxiously for the winner to be announced. Deboard hopes that the winner will be Gims because he believes that Gims is “the best French artist of all time.” If you want to know who won, visit the French Spartan social media pages to find out! 


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