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Abby Soriano, Staff Writer

This year, the 2022-2023 Connersville High School Spartanettes gained ten new incoming freshmen. Some of the girls were brought on the team to be manager; the managers are those who made the team but will have to work their way up to perform at games. The managers are Kayelyn Pollit, Hayden Steel, Jordyn Foreman, Savannah Bunch, and Brianna Adkins. The remaining five freshmen immediately able to perform are Ella Miller, Trinitee Steele, Alex Sweet, Ryle Griffin, and Jenna Mullins.

Pollitt is excited because of how different Spartanettes will be from Energizers, the middle school dance team. “The team is closer than before and [the team] get more opportunities to better ourselves and just be around each other,” said Pollitt, “The entire atmosphere is different in the best way possible.” Pollitt was exposed to the new environment when all the dancers met at Sandee’s Danz Explosion for a team picture that was published in the Connersville Newspaper.

This year, Coach Sandee decided to do a big sis/little sis because of how many new dancers there are. This is when a Spartanette that has been on the team a previous year helps an assigned new dance member. Miller thinks “the big and little sis will be beneficial because it can be good to have someone helping you out with camp, showing you around and getting mentally prepared for it. [The big sis] can also help by letting you know how the practices work and they can help you get to know more of the girls.”

Good luck, Freshmen. Connersville is looking forward to seeing all the new routines!