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Max Ackerman, Staff Writer

Meredith Ireland, author of The Jasmine Project, was born in Korea but was later adopted by a New York librarian. Growing up, she has always had a passion for reading and writing. When she went to college, she decided to take pre-med and pre-law courses at Rollins College and University of Miami. Ireland eventually figured out that creating stories suited her best. As a mother of two, when she is not helping with homework, she is thinking of new story ideas and working on current projects. Ireland has also written Everyone Hates Kelsie Miller

Jasmine Yap is your typical Korean American teenager. She has a huge family that she loves and a supposedly perfect boyfriend. When it turns out the love of her life cheated on her, Jasmine did not want to believe it. He convinced her that nothing happened but that he and Jasmine needed to take a break before they decided to move in with each other at the end of summer.  When her family finds out about it, they start devising a plan to get Jasmine out of her shell and introduce her to other guys. They also decide to make a little competition out of it. The issue is that they have to keep it a secret from Jasmine. So when three boys walk into Jasmine’s life, she is very confused. Who will be able to win Jasmines’ heart? Will it be the baseball star, the boy next door, or the chef? Find out when you read The Jasmine Project.

I highly recommend The Jasmine Project. It gets a five out of five. It was well written and the story line was easy to follow. The characters were all loveable and I could really feel the chemistry between the main character and the love interests. The family dynamic was written extremely well.There are many places where you can see text chains in the family group chat that prove how much the family cares about each other. Ireland was able to capture the craziness that comes with having a huge family. You should definitely go to your local library and get The Jasmine Project by Meredith Ireland.