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Allison Edwards and India Smith

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, many couples are ready to celebrate this day of love. Significant others are showered in gifts like, chocolates, flowers, and maybe even a date. For single people though, is this day another lonely day, or do they enjoy being single? 

Gracie Friend, 10, is single for this Valentine’s Day. She loves not spending money on gifts and “posting a million photos of them on social media.” Many couples tell their friends about the drama they have in a relationship as a way to vent and Friend recalls “see[ing] the drama they have, and it makes [her] want to stay single for a while.” She wants to focus on her teenage years and having fun, rather than worrying about what her significant other would want to do. Friend states, “ I don’t want to tell the whole world about my love life, even though I don’t have one right now.” 

Other singles seem to think that one of the best things about not having a significant other on this holiday is that they do not have to buy a gift. Kendall Creech, 10, explains that she enjoys not “have[ing] to buy something for someone” to show her affection. Tyler Caudill, 10, wants his friendships to be drama free. “We try to keep the time that we actually get to talk to each other having fun instead of worrying about stuff like that [dating].” Some couples turn out to be high school sweethearts, while others just crumble. Caudill stated “I’ll think about it [dating] and it might be nice, but at the same time, I know that a lot of high school relationships just do not work out, at all, so I kind of just throw the thought away.”  

Kylie Hale, 10, is happily in a relationship and she likes, “having someone special to spend time with and being able to go out with them as a couple and do Valentine’s Day activities.” She loves going on dates and hanging out with her significant other. A piece of advice Hale wants others to know is, “being calm and planning out what you’d like to do with your partner or, remembering to get your significant other a gift in advance is the best way to enjoy your Valentine’s Day together.” 

Alexis Abercrombie, 10, is another happily taken individual. While other couples think it is mandatory to purchase gifts for Valentine’s Day, Abercrombie said, “you don’t need to buy gifts. If you want to get each other gifts, that’s perfectly fine, but I don’t think that it’s necessary.” She would much rather enjoy, “going out to dinner and a movie with them instead of just buying a bunch of candy.” Abercrombie also wants to remind couples that feeling stressed during Valentine’s Day is “not a good sign.” She states that “the day is meant for being happy with your loved one, not stressing about the perfect.”

Another Connersville high school student who is in a relationship is Lauren Carpenter, 12. Carpenter and her partner are excited for Valentine’s day because they get to spend “special time” together where they are able to “focus on each other.” For Valentine’s day, Carpenter “does not think that you have to buy gifts for your significant other, but [she] really likes making [her] boyfriend feel special.” Carpenter voiced, “Valentine’s Day is just a special day to focus on your love and celebrate it more.” Her and her partner acknowledge the fact that “[they] both love and care for each other no matter what day of the year it is.”  

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for many people whether you are single or taken. It is a day where you can focus on yourself or somebody else who is special to you and show them how much you appreciate them. Whether you are single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day should be a happy holiday to celebrate everyone’s love and appreciation for one another.