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Allison Edwards, Staff Writer

Overdue library books have always been an issue in the library system. Some books will be turned in the day they are due, and some will be turned in a week late. An anonymous citizen turned in a library book that has been overdue for one hundred and eleven years. The book is ‘New Chronicles of Rebecca ‘ by Kate Douglas Wiggin. This book was a copy in the “Carnegie Public Library, [In Boise, Idaho] a circa-1905 building on the National Register of Historic Places that is now devoid of books” stated Dennis Romero and Juliette Arcodia, writers for NBC News.

The book was published in 1907 and was a sequel to ‘Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm’ based on a young woman whose enthusiasm inspires her aunt. In 1910, it mysteriously vanished from the system, and people had forgotten about it until it showed up at the Garden Valley District Library about 50 miles out of Boise, Idaho. The book arrived in outstanding condition and was scrutinized by other librarians. City Library Assistant Ann Marie Martin stated she “noticed that it was rather old and it didn’t have any current markings.” Once the book was embraced by the Garden Valley District Library, it was placed in the library’s history room where books can be gazed over but check-outs are not allowed. The ‘New Chronicles of Rebecca’ was originally $1.50 a century ago, but today, the late fee for this book would be more than eight hundred dollars. A lot of libraries have waived late fees, but some libraries still charge. Although this library book was majorly overdue, librarians still encourage readers to return their book(s) in a timely manner.