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Mason Burkhart, Staff Writer

It is getting to be that time of year in Indiana. The frosty air is coming in bitter waves. As bipolar as the weather is in Indiana, it is clear that we may have a snowy winter. With sprinkles of snow and boisterous winds already appearing in November, it has been frigid. With the weather hanging around 30°F to 40°F, there have been a couple of days in the 60s. This is a prime example of Indiana’s inconsistent weather changes. 

A snowy winter is something the people of Indiana might see. With caterpillars showing up more recently and most of them being dark, might be a foreshadow of a snowy winter, as this has happened before. ”The location of the black bands [on a caterpillar] is said to predict which part of winter will be worse. If the head of the caterpillar is dark, winter will start cold. If the tail is dark, the end of winter will be worse.”( There have been numerous sightings of these jet-black caterpillars all over Indiana and you may have seen them, too. Woolly bear caterpillars are the most common/well-known caterpillars in Indiana. These caterpillars have an auburn middle with a jet-black color tone on each end. These fuzzy creatures are cute and unpredictable. You might see a caterpillar one minute and then a colorful butterfly the next.

To prepare for winter, it is key to be equipped with layers of clothing. 

Base layer:

 long sleeve shirt and regular pants. 

 Middle layer:

fuzzy sweater and a light jacket, or sweatshirt, with a thicker layer of pants. 

 Outer layer:

heavy coat, beanie, gloves, and thick jackets. A toasty mug of hot chocolate would also help warm the hands and body.  

A surge of cold comes in as the Christmas music starts to play and the sweet sugary aroma floods in the kitchen. It is impossible to talk about the winter without talking about Christmas. While snow falls and kids play, Christmas brings with it not only presents but happiness. Warm mugs of happiness. Macaulay Culkin, on the tv, is slapping himself in the face with both cologne-soaked hands. You sit there with cookie crumbs on your ugly sweater and tears from laughing so hard stained on your face. You remember how it feels to spend time with the ones you love the most and you think to yourself…what a wonderful world.