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Allison Edwards, Staff Writer

Storms are everywhere, in every state, in every country, and in every climate. There is no escaping them whether it is hail, snow, rain, thunder, or scorpions. Flash floods in Egypt are rare, but on November 12, 2021, rainfall hit Aswan, Egypt, giving major floods to the surrounding area. Aswan gets around one millimeter of rain each year, so this storm was a rare occurrence. Aswan’s governor, Ashraf Attia, mentioned that three men in Egypt’s security forces had their lives taken due to the flash flood. This flood did severe damage to roads, homes, and trees. The worst part of this event was that it unleashed fat-tailed scorpions, which are one of the most dangerous in the world. “Venom from a black fat-tail can kill humans in under an hour” according to BBC News. 

These scorpions emerged out of the ground and crept into homes stinging more than 500 people. There was an advisory for people to stay home and avoid many areas all around Egypt with trees. Victims had symptoms including, “difficulty breathing, muscle twitching, and unusual head movements” stated BBC News. The injured were hospitalized, given anti-venom doses, and discharged. The anti-venom is a preventative measure for civilians before symptoms can increase, but there is a possibility that once the symptoms increase, the doses could work.  These “man-killers” are dangerous and deadly, but no one has died from being stung yet. Egypt is slowly recovering from the flood and the storm of scorpions that followed.