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Samuel Mills, Staff Writer

The Connersville High School academic teams have begun preparing for another year of competitions. The Social Studies team is no exception. The theme for this year’s academic meets is Canada, meaning students will have to study a wide variety of Canadian subjects. “It will be interesting to learn more about Canadian history,” said Social Studies and Economics teacher Bryan Mitchell, who has coached the team for seven years. “I keep coming back to [coaching the team] because the students are fun to interact with and [have] a passion to learn more about history.”

Team member Evan Osborn, 12, has been a part of academic teams “since 7th grade.” Osborn is very eager for the new season, stating that he is one of the “old pros” who is “getting rambunctious and ready to go [compete].” Osborn’s several years of experience with the Social Studies academic team may give CHS an advantage in competitions. Although he is “saddened by the fact that this is [his] last season,” he said that he plans to “make the most of it.” Besides the Social Studies academic team, Osborn is a member of the Science team as well, and invites any students thinking about joining the academic teams to “come join the coolest bunch of nerds around and show what [they] know.”

Another student in this “coolest bunch of nerds” is Sara Carsey, 11, who will be joining the Social Studies team for her second year. “I joined originally because my friend said they needed more people. I chose Social Studies because I’ve normally been pretty decent at anything that relates to history.” Carsey says that being on the team does require extra effort from its members, but assures that “it’s worth it.” Carsey, like Osborn, is also a member of the Science academic team, and mentioned that she is “pretty confident this season because we have a lot of new members.” Carsey added  that, “My favorite part so far has to be the people involved [with the teams].”

Similarly to Osborn and Carsey, Mitchell seems to enjoy the team because of the students on it and the opportunities it gives. “The kids are a blast and have a fun time and make a ton of jokes. It’s really a great thing to be part of,” said Mitchell. While the Social Studies academic team is primarily educational, Mitchell says that it is also a fun chance to “travel around,” “meet new people,” and be “with a lot of like-minded individuals.” Since the competitions themselves do not start until next semester, there is still plenty of time for curious students to join the team. The Social Studies academic team has meetings on every other Tuesday. The next meeting will be on November 30th. According to Carsey, Mitchell, and Osborn, the team allows students to learn more, develop friendships, and enjoy themselves in a highly educational environment.