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Samuel Mills, Staff Writer

Veterans Day, also known as Armistice Day, is an annual holiday meant to honor our country’s veterans for their service. This special occasion has been celebrated on November 11th since 1919, one year after the first world war officially came to a close. This holiday is sometimes confused with Memorial Day, which is different in that it is celebrated in May and specifically honors United States soldiers who have died.

Veterans Day puts a spotlight on the soldiers who fought for the United States, many of whom risked their lives on battlefields around the world. Many veterans come back from the service with severe ailments, mental or physical. Soldiers who lost limbs in battle or who have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) sometimes have difficulties finding jobs, forming new relationships, or just living their daily lives upon returning home. This holiday brings awareness to both the past and present struggles of our country’s veterans and may help them feel welcomed, honored, and appreciated by the people around them.

The United States of America continues to be protected by its soldiers, and every soldier who has served took on that great responsibility. The responsibility of this country’s safety, wellbeing, and freedom was shouldered by these veterans. Veterans Day is the perfect day to show extra appreciation to the veterans readers may know and love.