St Augustine Independent School District Photo

St Augustine Independent School District Photo

Abby Soriano, Staff Writer

Connersville High School decided to hold a pep rally to boost the morale of the football team heading to the Sectional Championship. The game was held later that afternoon on Friday, November 5, in Mount Vernon at 7 P.M. The Spartans lost 0-70, but had a sizable cheer block, along with cheerleaders to support them. The cheerblock’s theme was ‘Jersey’ to show some Spartan football pride!

The rally started around 2 P.M. at the beginning of seventh period, November 5. This included cheerleaders, Spartanettes, and the band who helped stoke school spirit. Grace Filler, 10, is a Varsity cheerleader who performed at the pep rally. “As a cheerleader, we [the team] try to engage the crowd and give the players support,“ Filler explains, “we want to show the crowd that engagement is important.” The cheerleaders performed stunts during the rally, with three pyramid stunts in total. The Spartanettes performed right by the cheerleaders when the band played the, “School Song”. Both the dancers and cheerleaders chanted the “School Song” and danced along. The Spartanettes performed their hip-hop dance routine that they learned at NDA (National Dance Association) Camp over the summer. Assistant Coaches Micheal Lathery and Sydnee Jobe took charge by instructing the dancers on what to do that afternoon. The pep rally even helped dancer Katelyn Seeley, 11, become “happier and motivated for the football team.”  The band had their moment to shine when they performed the John Cena theme song at the beginning of the rally. Tyler Caudill, 10, would rather the band play “Paso Diablo because it is very well written.” Caudill is a percussionist in the CHS band.  

The pep rally ended ten minutes before SRE started, so students who did not have to attend mandatory SRE were allowed to leave school a little sooner. Many students, especially football players, started to get ready for their big game!