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Allison Edwards, Staff Writer

Many new staff members have arrived at CHS this year! From psychology classes to math classes, there are a ton of new teachers. All of the staff have put in hard work and tons of effort to help the students grow and learn. A teacher’s impact on a student can help make them into responsible adults in the future. Those teachers, especially the new teachers, need some recognition.

First is the math department. Algebra and Geometry are math classes every student needs for graduation. One of the teachers who help students complete this requirement is Mr. Kirchoff, who resides in W166. He was a student teacher in Mr. Haffner’s room in 2020-2021. “During my time here last year I had a great experience in the classroom, working with other teachers in the math department, and in the coaching experiences I had,” Kirchoff said. Kirchoff went to IU Kokomo and IU East, majoring in Secondary Education. He stated, “I mean, you get in this profession with the goal of helping kids become better than they thought they could be, to push kids to do things they never thought they could. I hope I can bring that to my students.” Kirchoff’s favorite part about teaching is “the relationships you build. Not just with kids, but with teachers and administrators as well.”

Mr. Fuller, in W183, who teaches Special Education. He grew up in Connersville and went to IU East where he majored in Business Administration. Fuller wants to bring “a year full of enjoyment and growth in which they can grow as students at CHS as well as individuals in life.” He stated, “My favorite part about teaching is being able to interact with all of the staff and students of CHS on a daily basis, with the hope that I have a positive impact on all of them alike.” Having both parents as teachers, Fuller “never envisioned” teaching as a career for him. Working in a different position at CHS made him realize that he “enjoyed being part of the staff, and interacting with the students.”

The next new teacher is Mrs. Sleet. Sleet teaches psychology and English, in W176. She is not new to CHS, just to the English department. She went to IU East earning her undergraduate degree in Secondary English Education. She also attended The Chicago School of Professional Psychology earning a Master’s in Psychology. Sleet enjoys “making connections with students, encouraging them and maybe inspiring them to do what many teachers did for [me].” She loves making real-world connections with the students about what they read, write, and the research, “I can probably name every single teacher I’ve ever had beginning with [my] Kindergarten teacher-Mrs. Blank” Sleet said. “Teachers have made a profound impact in my life, and I felt called, so to speak, to be able to do the same.”

All of these teachers have the passion to educate their students, hoping to inspire them to follow their dreams and become successful. Every teacher has a common goal: to build relationships with their students, hoping to make them successful in life. Thank you to all of the CHS staff, old and new, for making our school the place it is today!