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Mason Burkhart, Staff Writer

The play, ”Writing a Will can Be Murder” not only amazed the audience, but kicked off a laughing ceremony. The waggish suspense sparked a light in the eyes of the viewers and giggles could be heard throughout each section of seats. The gifted performers portrayed raw passion with gestures and expressions that contributed to the laughs.

 ”Writing a Will can Be Murder” is a witty mystery play about an aging woman named Betty Crawford. Crawford once had a fashionable life, being in movies and having paparazzi swarm her like loathsome bees. Now Crawfordliving in her embellished home–faces problems with her past, present, and future. 

With clever flashbacks, hilarious dances, and fun costumes, the performers put on a show. Riley Austin, 12, Playing young Mildred and Candice Crawford, ”I love Broadway. I’ve been involved in the arts since middle school and never wanted to stop.” Theatre not only has an effect on the audience but the actors too. Theatre opens up opportunities and allows you to be creative in your way.

The fifteen-minute intermission included homemade chocolate cookies, chips, and water bottles. The seniors constructed an exhibit of portfolios for the audience to peruse as well. These portfolios comprised photos of memories the actors have made throughout their time in theatre. The portfolios showed how theatre can construct and strengthen friendships.

Special thanks to everyone who made this project possible. To entertain is special when in need of entertainment. Sharing a laugh with someone else is also special, especially at this time of year.