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Samuel Mills, Staff Writer

Connersville High School has hundreds of students with a wide variety of skills, and these students once again have the chance to showcase their talents in the annual CHS Talent Show. The talent show, known officially as Spartans Got Talent,  is currently looking for students who can dance, tell jokes, act, or demonstrate another talent for a live audience and a group of judges. Even if students are apprehensive about their talents, Spartans Got Talent coordinator Lynette Eklund assures people “If you have a talent—traditional or not—we want to see it!”

Anyone interested in entering the talent show should be at the Robert E. Wise Auditorium on November 11th or 16th at 3 P.M. to have their act previewed before the official show. “We don’t judge acts during the preview,” said Eklund. “We merely assure the act is ‘legit’ and decide how to arrange the acts.” The actual talent show will be held on November 23rd at 7 P.M., also in the Robert E. Wise Auditorium.

As extra incentive to participate, prizes will be given to the acts ranked highest by the panel of judges. Spartans Got Talent is an event that only comes once a year, so students with talent may want to capitalize on this opportunity in order to potentially be rewarded for their special skills. This talent show is a way for CHS to demonstrate to the community that its students are an incredibly talented group. For those interested in watching, admission will be five dollars per person.