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Max Ackerman, Staff Writer

Emery Lee makes eir writing debut with Meet Cute Diary. Lee uses neo-pronouns. This means that e does not use the traditional he/she/they, but uses e/em/eir. If you want to know more about neo-pronouns, go read We Need To Talk About Neo-Pronouns. Meet Cute Diary is a Young Adult and Romance novel. Lee has a degree in creative writing and has written many novels, short stories, and webcomics that cover many genres and audience demographics. E draws inspiration from many different things in eir lifelike anime concepts to personal life experiences. Lee also likes to use LGBTQ+ characters to help others understand that self-discovery is not always linear. E displays this concept well in eir book Meet Cute Diary.

Knowing about romance is Noah Ramirez’s thing. It has to be since he runs a viral blog called The Meet Cute Diary. A “meet-cute” is when two people meet in a really random, but cute way. An example of this would be like two people reaching for the same item in a store and then they end up falling in love. The Meet Cute Diary is a blog about the beginnings of heartfelt relationships that revolve around transgender characters. Noah wanted to create hope for other trans people when it comes to finding love. The blog gives the reader true stories to do so. The only problem is that the stories are just figments of Noah’s imagination. 

When an Internet troll publicly shames the Meet Cute Diary for using fake stories, Noah has to think fast about how to fix the problem. After failing to apply to a bookshop, Noah meets Drew. As it turns out, Drew is a really big fan of the Meet Cute Diary. He offers to be Noah’s fake boyfriend in order to “have proof” of a meet-cute actually working. Things are going well between them. Or are they? Read it and find out.

I give this book three and a half stars out of five. It was written decently well, the plot was pretty stereotypical though, which made it a little boring. I was not really a fan of how the main character was written. I feel like Lee could have done a better job of showing us more than one side of the main character. E definitely did a good job representing the many different gender identities in eir book, however, I think that was one of my favorite parts. Lee is very knowledgeable about the use of neo-pronouns since e uses them. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants an easy-to-read book.