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Claire Stinger, Editor

In June of 2020 YouTube sensation of thirteen years, Shane Dawson, began his one year hiatus from social media after being “cancelled.” Dawson was cancelled for comments made in videos from the beginning of his career, where he can be heard making inappropriate comments, jokes about minors, and using racial slurs and racist stereotypes. Aside from Dawson posting a video called “Taking Accountability,” he took a break from social media to re-evaluate his content decisions and find himself in a different light. 

 Dawsons hiatus began to end and with that he gradually started posting on social media again. This includes furniture polls on his Instagram stories and making minor cameos in his fiancé, Ryland Adams, videos. His first large post on social media had been danced around prior, but was not confirmed officially until he posted it to his YouTube channel. Dawson posted his first video back titled “ The Haunting of Shane Dawson” on YouTube on October 8, 2021.  Dawson begins the video jokingly playing the piano, followed by light hearted jokes about a new sign in his house, and The Dolan Twins’ new candle company, which he chuckled suggesting it should have been called “Twin Flames.”

Dawson used this video as an opportunity to show off the inside of his new home in Colorado, while using the negative energy in his basement as a segway to his new three part haunting series. All of his jokes and introducing his new series aside, Dawson re-addressed the controversy and cancellation he had experienced. Dawson stated that during his break he “… learned a lot about himself.” Towards the middle of the video, Dawson brings up his old methods of creating, saying that he “can’t just pretend that person didn’t exist,” and that he “ would never say or do any of those jokes, any of those things, ever, that [he] did back then.”

The video was greeted with a variety of mixed reactions from supporters and critics alike. The video received 320,000 likes and 62,000 dislikes. The comments included positive reactions like “Despite all the crap that has gone down, his posting again reminds me of happier times where I felt like his videos were something to relate to and they got me through really hard times. I missed his laugh and I’m glad he’s back :).” Dawson hopes he will be forgiven, but understands why people would not, as explained in his new video. Now, Dawson has posted the second video in this three-part series, and is officially back from his hiatus, creating content and hoping to reconcile with his fans and haters alike.