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Abby Soriano, Staff Writer

The Connersville High School Swim Team has recently begun pre-season practices so the athletes can get in shape before the season starts. The Spartans started swimming in the CHS pool from 4 to 5:30 in the afternoon. Practices are not mandatory, but the athletes are encouraged to attend. Their first meet is Saturday, November 13. The athletes are coached by Johnathan Bitner and are assisted by Zane Sourlock and Stephen Keafaber. 

The pre-season is the beginning of training where “practices are pretty hard,” said Cooper Harvey, 10. This is mostly due to the long hours the swimmers put in. Once the official season starts, the team will have “morning practice four days a week at 5:45-7:30 in the morning,” said Harvey.  The teams Saturday practice in the morning and lasts “from 9-12,” said Harvey.  Harvey mentioned that the team tries to focus more on technique based drills at the beginning before diving into higher performance based conditioning. 

The swimmer’s pre-season introduces freshmen to the upcoming season. Ambria Clark, 9, has high hopes for this year. Thinking it will “turn out pretty great,” said Clark, “we may not win everything, but I think it will be good.” Clark is looking forward to a change in attitude since the last season she competed in was not ideal and “did not really go that well,” said Clark.

Clark, in particular, is known to be a strong swimmer, with Harvey saying “Ambria Clark and Harley Morris will be great assets to the girls team,” Harvey said. The two girls can show off their skills to the public at the first meet. Good luck swimmers!