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Max Ackerman, Staff Writer

Lightning flashes around the old house, illuminating its decaying façade. The dim flickering of the old porch light casts eerie shadows across the wooden deck. The three children look back at their parents, terrified out of their mind. Their parents just smile and wave at them, encouraging them to walk closer to the decrepit looking building. The kackle of a witch can be heard from someplace nearby. Hastening their pace, the children wanted to leave the overgrown yard as soon as they could. Nearing the door, two of the children drop back so that the braver of the three can ring the doorbell. As the bravest child reaches to push the doorbell, a clap of thunder booms overhead, frightening the children. The child then pushes the button, an ominous bell sound tolls from the house. Everything pauses for a moment. The door creaks open, the sound piercing the childrens’ ears. With a strange looking person standing in the doorway, the children said the words that would conclude their terrifying mission. “Trick-or-treat!”

Looking for a good place to trick-or-treat can be a hard thing to do. Like most towns, Connersville has its share of popular “haunts” when it comes to trick-or-treating. Many people go to Hanson Meadows from all over town to have a fun Halloween experience. “[I have been going] as long as I can remember,” says Brooke Sudhoff, 12. Sudhoff says that one of the reasons she likes to go there so much is because “a lady would always hand out Beanie Babies, which [she] loved.” She also talks about how, “a specific house would have a huge blow-up spider, a tunnel, and a fog machine” set up in their yard. 

Hanson Meadows resident Elizabeth Molloy has been taking her children trick-or-treating there “since [they] moved to Connersville” in 2017. Molloy has, “family members that stay at [their] house and pass out candy, while [they] take [their] kids trick-or-treating.” According to Molloy, her teenage nieces would blast “fun Halloween music while passing out candy from the driveway [creating a very fun atmosphere].” 

If you want to have a fun trick-or-treat experience, be sure to visit Hanson Meadows on Halloween. The time for trick-or-treating typically happens between 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Have a safe Halloween!