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Abby Soriano, Staff Writer

Boo! Get ready for the Student Council and their plan to decorate the halls for Halloween. The idea of this gesture is to get Connersville High School students in the Halloween spirit. The theme for the hallways is going to be centered around ‘cute’ spooky decorations rather than being scary. The reason for this is to “keep it school appropriate and not freak out students too badly,”  Student Council President Senior Evan Osborn explained. The hallways will be geared towards “natural things that go with the season like pumpkins, spiders, skeletons, scarecrows, that kind of stuff,” stated Osborn. 

The Council met Wednesday during SRE to discuss the upcoming activities. The group is hosted by Mrs. Storck and Mr. Blake, both of whom are English teachers. 

There is more than decorations going on, with the council hosting a costume contest, commencing October 22, 2021. Students can wear their Halloween costumes during school hours and as of right now can wear a face mask as long as they take it off during class. Kids who participate will be judged, and the best costume will win a prize. Last year the prizes included fast food gift cards; this year’s prize is yet to be decided. 

Similar to the costume contest, the council will have an art contest to boost fall spirits. This is an event “where students can draw/paint a fall or Halloween picture,” Osborn said, “and the best ones will be displayed.” Make sure to keep these drawings school appropriate, but do not be afraid to make it scary.

The council will release official dates and times later on, but look out for updates!