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Abby Soriano, Staff Writer

Connersville High School hosted the boys tennis sectional tournament, September 30, 2021, which started at 5:00 p.m. All four schools played at the same time, but on different courts. The two school’s who win will go on to another day of sectionals. The Spartans welcomed Rushville, Franklin County, and Oldenburg. Connersville’s team was assigned to compete against Rushville and Franklin County competed against Oldenburg on the other court.

The Spartans fell to Rushville two-three, meaning they did not make it through to the second day of sectionals. The cause of the Spartans defeat was the team’s singles. A singles match is when one player from both teams has a match against each other. There were three singles matches, and the Spartans lost all of them. Although the Spartans as a team did not win, one doubles team, Dustin McCarrell, 12, and Logen Shipley, 12, will go to the individual sectionals at Richmond on October 6 because they are the number one doubles on the team. This means that they have the highest rank in doubles, meaning they are the best players. A double match is where two players from both teams go against each other in a match.

Kolton DeBoard, 9, and Luke Morris, 11, won in doubles as well, but did not make it into individual sectionals. DeBoard is the only Freshman varsity player on the team, and “every practice I learn from the upperclassmen,” said DeBoard. The duo has been partners since the beginning of the season. The two working together “has made me a better player this year,” DeBoard explained. 

To wrap up the season, the Spartans won fourteen out of sixteen regular season matches. The Spartans will not continue on with the season, excluding the individuals going to sectionals. Good luck McCarrell and Shipley!