Allison Edwards, Staff Writer

It is time to get back to school again. This is a time where teachers and students get together to learn and grow. This year we have some new staff and are dispersed all over CHS. 

Math is not everyone’s favorite subject, but Mr. Fischer “… hopes to bring excitement in the classroom every day for the students”. Fischer teaches Algebra 1 at the Spartan Learning Center. He attended Earlham College majoring in Human Development and Social Relations and is completing his teaching degree. He graduated from CHS in 2009, and “wanted to give back to the community and school” that gave him “so many opportunities.” Fischer stated that he is “(so) thrilled to be a teacher,” and that he “loves how every day is completely different.”

In the social studies department, there is a teacher who loves history and her students. Mrs. Wright teaches social studies in JE119. Wright went to Miami University, majored in Integrated Social Studies Education, and later got her Master’s degree in History. “I care about my students and I want them to do well,” Wright stated. Wright also wants to inform her students that she has a goal to challenge students in class, to gain good writing and argumentation skills for the future. “I love teaching and everything about it. It really fits my personality well and really suits me” Wright explained.

Mr. Caldwell teaches English in Ja188. An interesting fact about Mr. Caldwell, he has 140 stress balls! Caldwell came back to Connersville because “he wanted to be a part of it.” He attended colleges including Purdue University, Bob

Mr. Caldwell, Photo Provided

Jones University, and Ball State. After teaching college classes, switching to high school classes was a little different. Caldwell stated that he “wants to bring to them the idea of how to challenge the students academically and for the future.” He also teaches Speech, and “wants to bring massive dominance as we used to years ago.” When teaching, “it is the opportunity to be creative and try to share information in new and different ways,” Caldwell stated.

Mrs. Beard is substituting for Mrs. Jobe in the TV Studio room. Beard taught at CHS for thirty years and retired. She wanted to get back into teaching as a substitute because she got bored. Beard attended Ball State majoring in English with a minor in German. CHS Today takes a lot of technical skills, and this year Beard stated that she “wants to support

Mrs. Beard, Photo Provided

Mrs. Jobe’s program so she doesn’t mess things up.” “Working with students,” as Beard stated, is her favorite part of teaching. Mrs. Beard said, “It is the students, parents, and administration that make the difference. Teaching is something deep in your heart that says “This is what you were meant to do”, and makes you choose it again and again,” Beard said.

With COVID and masks, quarantines, and e-learning, these teachers are continuing to work hard to ensure that the education these students receive continues. Thank you to all of the staff for coming to CHS, and making a difference in our school and in the community!