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Allison Edwards, Staff Writer

Writing a book takes a huge amount of time and effort, but for Connie Hunter-Urban, writing books is a hobby that she cannot stop! Connie was a former employee at CHS for almost thirty-one years and taught English and Composition. After retiring in 2009, Hunter-Urban studied Nehemiah and wrote her first book, God’s plan for Our Success, Nehemiah’s way. “The Lord led me to study Nehemiah and sent me on my first book journey,” Hunter-Urban stated. Nehemiah is a book in the Old Testament of the Bible. She also wrote all three children’s books: The Josie Adventures: Izzy- Outside Our Reach, and The Josie Adventures: Butchie Comes Home.

On October 10th, 2021, Hunter-Urban will be doing her fifth book launch at the Higher Praise Worship Center located at 812 Ziegler Road., Connersville, Indiana. The book is called Enemies of Destiny, which is a Christian book about “how David’s enemies parallel the enemies we encounter as we head toward our godly destiny,” Hunter-Urban says. She will be speaking about David’s life in a sermon called “Pursuing His Presence” at the 10:30 am service the same day. There will be a fellowship dinner to celebrate after the service.

When Hunter-Urban was doing one of her devotionals in the morning, which are biblical readings you do every day, she came across the book of David.  David is a book in the Old Testament of the Bible explaining David’s life as a shepherd and king. She “felt the Holy Spirit speaking to her heart to write about the problems” in her and her husband’s ministry. Sharing this journey she and her husband have gone through has made her want to reach out into the community. 

Now excited to share this message and book with her followers, Hunter-Urban is planning on using her talents and “sharing the gospel with others.” She wants to touch the hearts and lives of other people in the community and the church, and “loves to share with her Higher Praise family.” Hunter-Urban is prepared to share her new book and new sermon with the community and is thrilled to share her knowledge with the people of Connersville.