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Abby Soriano, Staff Writer

The Connersville High School girls golf team has held their ground against the challenges 2021 has brought. In the beginning of the season, the attendance rate “wasn’t so bad,” Buehner said. However, as the season progressed, COVID-19 started to affect the team. “One of the best players just got out of quarantine and two of the other players also got out of quarantine” Gabby Buehner, 10, stated. Since the team only has nine competitors, any absences can have an impact on the team’s performance.

However, the season has not been entirely negative, especially because the golf team is a close group of girls. Karlee Garrett, 10, is a first year player and is impressed with the group so far. “It’s been one of the best teams I’ve been apart of,” Garrett said. The teammates involved are known to be very inviting. In particular, “Sara (Ruble) helps and gives out pointers in practice” Garrett stated. Hopefully Garrett continues to be welcomed with open arms.

The team showcased how hard they had worked at Sectionals. The event took place in Richmond Indiana, Saturday, September 18, at 9:00 am. The Spartans went against Richmond, Franklin County, Union County, Northeastern, Centerville, Hagerstown, Lincoln, and New Castle. The Lady Spartans were sixth out of ten teams with a score of 426. Richmond took first place with a score of 340, followed by Franklin Country with 355. The golfers who competed were “Sara Ruble, Kaylynn Mohr, Keli Caldwell, Abby Boare, [and] Kara Schneider,” Buehner explained.  Good job girls!