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Allison Edwards, Staff Writer

The show Lou Grant was a popular drama series in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Many people have heard of this show, especially kids and young adults. The main star of the show was Lou Grant played by Ed Anser. He was well known in Hollywood and played in many different TV shows and movies. Aside from playing Lou Grant, he also starred in The Mary Tyler Moore Show as Lou Grant, Elf as the Santa Clause, Up voicing Carl Fredricksen, Hawaii Five-0 as a world-class smuggler, and so much more. Sadly his fame would come to an end, but his legacy would never die. 

Ed Asner was born in 1929 into a family of Jewish immigrants that lived in Kansas City, MO. He had five other siblings, but he was the youngest. Blumberg, who works for the New York Times stated “After high school he was accepted at the University of Chicago, but dropped out after a year and a half to work at odd jobs” as a taxi driver, metal finisher, and more (nytimes.com). Asner went into the Army after being drafted in 1951 and was stationed in France from 1951-1953 until he arrived back in Chicago, IL working at the Playwright’s Theatre Club. Moving to New York in the 1950s, Asner found onstage jobs that supported himself and his family.

Once living in California in 1961, Asner found his first acting role. He starred in Slattery’s People with acting star Richard Crenna. Eventually, he tried out for The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and successfully got the role. Asner stated that “was the best character I’d ever been asked to do,”(nytimes.com). Blumberg also mentioned that “Mr. Asner married Nancy Sykes in 1959, and they had three children until they divorced in 1988. Ten years later he married producer Cindy Gilmore, then they separated in 2007 but did not divorce until 2015,”(nytimes.com). 

Sadly, Asner passed on August 29, 2021, at the age of 91 in Los Angeles, CA due to natural causes. He will always be remembered for his many roles, in movies and TV shows, but also as a “man of true heart and talent,” stated actor George Takei. Asner played the famous role of Carl Fredrickson in the movie Up. Pixar tweeted, “Ed was our real-life Carl Fredricksen: a veneer of a grouch over an incredibly loving and kind human being. Russell, Dug, and all of us at Pixar will miss him terribly.”