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Max Ackerman, Staff Writer

As the school year continues, the students of CHS are preparing themselves for one of the biggest events of the school year.The Homecoming football game and dance is finally upon us. Homecoming has been around since as early as the nineteenth century. The original festivities included a football game and a parade. As the years went on, they added more and more things to the festivities for people to enjoy. These things included a Homecoming Court and then, even later, a dance. 

In the beginning, most schools that participated in homecoming were not coeducational schools. This means that there were separate schools for male and female students, so when they did introduce the Homecoming Court, they did not have a King and Queen. The male schools would have a King and a Prince while the female schools would have a Queen and a Princess. Some schools would combine their celebrations so that they could have a King and Queen. 

The dances were considered to be like a prom except that it was in the fall. While Prom and Homecoming are very similar, there are some key differences between them. Prom is a formal event, so people who attend will typically wear fancier clothes. Females would wear formal dresses with their hair up and males would wear a formal tuxedo or suit. For Homecoming, however, people are able to dress slightly more casually. Females will wear dresses that reach about knee-length with their hair down and males will just wear a button-up that is tucked into a nice pair of pants. The dance will typically last for a few hours and then the students will go home or go to an after party.

The tradition of Homecoming is an important part of everyone’s high school experience. Since it is open to all grade levels, it allows everyone to experience some semblance of a formal dance without having to go to prom. The Homecoming game is on Friday, September 24th, with the dance the next day on the 25th. Another thing to note is that on Wednesday, September 22nd, the Homecoming Olympics will be taking place on the football field at 7:00 p.m.