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Mason Burkhart, Staff Writer

Phones. We all know what phones are. We have seen them in movies, shows, and our cities. Phones come in different shapes, sizes and affect us all in certain ways, whether that be good or not so good. Phones that we carry with us daily contain millions and millions of information that can be accessed through a few clicks and swipes. Well-known apps that are downloadable on phones like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are apps for connection and entertainment. With these apps, you can connect with a vast majority of people within a short period. You can post on these apps and have people like and comment on them. This often affects our happiness and can change our moods. 

        Social media apps can affect someone in a way that a person should not be affected. Receiving negative comments on a post or being targeted online with cyberbullying can affect people emotionally, physically, and mentally. It is not just social media comments and likes that can affect a person, but texting and driving is also a huge issue. According to www.edgarnyder.com, the National Safety Council reported about 1.6 million crashes within one year. Out of these crashes, about 390,000 were caused by texting and driving. Fourteen percent of these crashes have turned fatal all because of a swipe and touch on their devices that distracted them from what was in front of them.

       Classroom problems in school because of phones have begun to increase over the past years. You can not go through a single day in class without a teacher having to tell a student to put their device away and focus. Schools had to make a rule about phones in their classrooms because they have been so much of a distraction to students. Notes passed in class have now turned into texts sent from across the room.

         Conversations have also been limited at times because of cell phone usage. Instead of having a simple face-to-face conversation, a phone will be pulled out. This affects social skills and the comfortability to have a conversation with the person in front of them. 

       Things have changed over time, as they usually will. We have no way of stopping that but we can make a few changes in the way we go about our day. Maybe put down the phones and communicate more. Put down the phones when you’re driving and focus on the road. Mainly just be kind to one another and realize other people in this big world of ours have thoughts and feelings too.