Infrastructure Bill Approved by Senate, Moves on to House


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Samuel Mills, Staff Writer

A new bill dedicated to American infrastructure has passed in the Senate by a vote of 69 to 30. Approved on August 10, 2021, this bill would allow one trillion dollars to be put toward several different types of infrastructure, such as roads and bridges.


Although spending on roads and bridges is a large part of this bill; Airports, waterways, and even broadband internet will all benefit if this bill passes through the House. This bill also majorly affects transportation by electric cars, since it would add more charging stations for electric vehicles across the United States. More charging stations would make electric cars more practical and appealing for consumers, since one huge drawback of electric cars among buyers is charging station accessibility. This would also create jobs, since workers would be needed to carry out construction of roads and transportation of materials, among other tasks. In addition to providing more jobs, this bill could also benefit students by possibly offering free community college educations.


This bill has been noted as a rarely united effort from Washington. According to Senator Susan Collins, it was “a strong, bipartisan vote.” There is still controversy surrounding this bill, but most bills are much more partisan. The main controversies affecting the bill are the aspects of it that are meant to minimize the effects of climate change. Some opponents of the bill feel that these parts of the bill make it too similar to the Green New Deal, which was heavily politicized.


The House of Representatives now has the power to decide the fate of this bill. There are 435 representatives in the House, meaning that this bill would need at least 218 votes to pass if every representative votes. There is also discussion of devoting more money towards infrastructure. The bill’s budget could potentially be increased from one trillion dollars to over three trillion in the future.


The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on this bill on Monday, August 23, 2021.