Yearbook staff photo

The 2020-2021 girls basketball team ended their season in February with a 6-12 record. The team ended their season on a positive note despite the challenges they faced. 

 Coach Harter explained that COVID-19 had a direct impact on the season, and gave a lot of setbacks, even to herself.“Covid made coaching more difficult this season because we were unable to do things we would normally do throughout the year. Missing games and practices due to quarantines.” However, Harter explained that COVID-19 did not affect the games and practices that were held.“We did meet our goal of getting better throughout the season and winning more games this year.” 

Coach Harter was not the only member of the team that indicated a struggle due to COVID-19. Senior Baylee Schneider reflected on the challenges in a more positive light. “Covid made the season a little hard as [I was] quarantined twice during the season. However, we were able to make those games up, thankfully!” Schneider also expressed a great amount of gratitude for the growth the team had, despite these setbacks. “This season as a team was better for us I think as we got along talking and communicating on the court a lot better than the previous years.” 

Sophomore Abbie Schwartz expressed her disappointment of being quarantined as well. “We did have our falling moments with being quarantined, it gave us less time to practice, get in shape, and learn new drills.” Schwartz also felt that there were other issues during the season aside from COVID-19, “Our team had a bit of a setback at one moment but we got on track and ended up having some good games, like Blue River. We did lose, but we were able to communicate and run our defense through. Our group together definitely improved a lot from last year.”

The girls ended with a good season despite not winning as many games as they had aspired too, but because they worked and enjoyed themselves as a team, they made their coach proud.